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Science Cafe - May 16th

Coulterville's Heritage in the Digital Age

“Coulterville’s Heritage in the Digital Age” is an exhibit that features the work that has been done by the University of California Merced towards a larger project to digitally preserve the natural and cultural resources along the John Muir trail in the San Joaquin Valley and the Sierra Nevada Foothills. The work in Coulterville has focused on: • 3D scanning and modelling of the physical historic buildings • Cataloguing archives and photographs • Video interviews with residents • Recording the historic cemeteries The exhibit will open on April 2 with an event allowing members of the public to digitally interact with some of the 3D models, view select video interviews, and explore the virtual exhibit website. It will close on April 24 with a second event showcasing these digital approaches to heritage preservation. No charge for any of these events! UC Merced curator Nicola Lercari (nlercari@ucmerced.edu)

SpARC Lab Hours

SpARC Summer 2016 Hours

May 16th - August 19th

By Appointment Only

Contact: sparc@ucmerced.edu


Drop-in hours for SpARC are for access to GIS software and hardware. For technical support and project consultations, please set up an appointment by contacting sparc (@) ucmerced.edu. 



Goals & Mission

  • SpARC is the hub for spatial science research, analysis, education, visualization, spatial data archiving, and access to spatial science software and equipment for UC Merced and its partners.
  • SpARC leads faculty and community partner grants for research and other activities with a spatial aspect and collaborate on ongoing projects.
  • SpARC supports expanded undergraduate curriculum in geography and spatial sciences.


The Spatial Analysis & Research center is located in the Social Sciences and Humanities Building (SSM) on the second floor room 209. 






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