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About SpARC

Goals & Mission

SpARC is the hub for spatial science research, analysis, education, visualization, spatial data archiving, and access to spatial science software and equipment for UC Merced and its partners.

SpARC leads faculty and community partner grants for research and other activities with a spatial aspect and collaborates on ongoing projects.

SpARC supports expanded undergraduate curriculum in geography and spatial sciences.


SpARC Executive Leadership

Haipeng Li - University Librarian

Donald Barclay - Deputy University Librarian

Steering Committee

Shawn Newsam , School of Engineering (Founding SpARC co-Director)

Holley Moyes , School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (Former SpARC co-Director)

Steve Shackelton , Academic Coordinator, School of Management

Karl Ryavec , School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Yang Quan Chen , School of Engineering, MESA Lab

Jeffery Jenkins, School of Engineering/Management

Nicola Lecari , School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Armando Quintero , SNRI

SpARC Staff

Erin Mutch, MGIS - Director, SpARC

Amy Newsam - GIS Specalist, SpARC

Zach Yinger - GIS Lab Assistant, SpARC 

William Stanton - GIS Lab Assistant, SpARC